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After de Huber, it was the time of the second head-of-series Maleeva without arguments to stop Kandarr

Jana Kandarr today defeated the second head-of-series of the match, the Bulgarian Magdalena Maleeva. A victory that was valid to the German tenista, 73 of ranking world-wide, the pass to the room-of-end of the Feminino Match of the Estoril Open. For history it is the first victory of Kandarr on Maleeva.

The rub-out of Magdalena Maleeva finishes for being the surprise of the day in the feminino picture. After yesterday having been Hanke Huber, the first head-of-series, to fall to the feet of checks Denisa Chladkova, today was the time of second daily pay-assigned person to abandon the Estoril Open.

Jana Kandarr was successful for 2-0, with the partial ones of 6-3 and 7-5, in a meeting that lasted about 1h25m. In the end, the German tenista was of course satisfied " Is one of the two players with which I taste not to play. I find that I nor was in " court ". It could beat to me that I did not react. I am very contented. The game ran me upper-class " said the likeable tenista, still something euphoric with its qualification for the room-of-end.

To another player with who Kandarr it does not like to play is Justine Hennine, the Belgian who in the Estoril Open is the third head-of-series. Tenista Uma that the German one will only be able to confrot if both to arrive at the end.

How much to the possibility to win the match Jana Kandarr it did not open the game " I am only to think about the next meeting. About this moment I do not think about the end. This match is very difficult. It has a very competitive picture " said the German, who in the next game goes to confrot the winner of the meeting between Tathiana Garbin and Janette Husarova.

Magdalena Maleeva also appeared next to the journalists, with the loaded semblante " is disappointed because I lost. I think that I did not play upper-class and the adversary obtained to make the points most important. I think that the key of the meeting was in the fact of I to fail almost all the important points. Still I tried to be more aggressive but the ball always went for the way court " " " said the tenista Bulgarian to it who abandoned the Estoril Open today.