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Julia Berberyan - Bulgarian Champion for 8th time

I* I want to focuse my attention on Julia Berberyan Maleeva. We have seen her playing as if the result of the match is equal to death or life. We know about her great passion for tennis, she had made us feel proud to be Bulgarians, but what we witnessed at the National Championships surpassed our expectations. Nobody expected her to win, neither the players nor the coaches.

But she played so well, that she upset all her opponents and in the final even L. Radkova, the favourite, to win the Championships. It was an act of heroism, one done by person, devoted to her club and the sport. Radenko Vassilev (coach at CSKA) says about Julia:

"Berberyan is a sinonym for discipline, will and desire to win"

** A lot of comments engendered the win of Julia Berberyan at the this year's Nationa Championships, having in mind her maternity (less than three months since she gave birth to her third child). The will and the ambition that Berberyan showed could be a good example to follow for the other players.

*** Berberyan, despite her court absence (due to maternity), showed that she is capable of fighting for the title. And that thanks not only to her sport technique, but to her love for tennis as well.

*Radoslav Jankulov for newspaper "Nationalna Armia"

** Newspaper " Vecherni Novini"

*** Nikolay Chuparov - "Otechestven Front"