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Katerina's first steps in the women's events

All 16 players went out on the court with a desire to win, but only four of them will have the chance to play at the semifinals tomorrow - among them two Bulgarians M. Kondova and K. Maleeva. The 13 year old Maleeva defeated in the first round Miraliiska 6-0 6-0, then she made us happy when she defeated the enormous ans well playing Kuchankova(CZE) in straight sets 7-5 6-1. With a clever play, Maleeva was punishing all mistakes of her opponent. She made her run back and forth the court, and for Kulchankova that was far too much.

For a place in the final Maleeva will face the European Vice Champion for women - Salnikova(USSR)

L. Semerdgieva - "Nobody gives up easily" '82