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T ennis by Sebastien CH…DOZEAU " Maggie ", the iron Lady Invited to Open of Touquet to mitigate the absence of Julie Halard-Decugis, Magdalena Maleeva did better than to play the development by gaining the tournament.

L A first edition of the Trophy Pro It, which had chosen Touquet to pose its rackets, was logically to crown a Frenchwoman. It is finally Bulgarian which registered its name with the prize list. Magdalena Maleeva should however not have pressed the fitted carpet touquettoise. Still a week ago and half, the organizers the Open one awaited Julie Halard-Decugis in her place. Number 1 world of double, which had announced its retirement at the time of Masters of New York, was to come to dispute on the Coast of Opal one of its last (if not the last one) tournament-exhibitions before leaving the circuit. It was without counting on a reversal of last minute which pushed Pro It to find another solution. And to invite Magdalena Maleeva. One knows the continuation...

To the paddle of the finale which opposed it Sunday afternoon to Anne-GaŽlle Sidot, " Maggie " however did not leave inevitably favorite. The day before, the Frenchwoman had impressed her world, by sweeping rather easily Sandrine Testud after a difficult starting. It was said whereas its play all in taking risk, adapted particularly well to a surface as fast as the fitted carpet, could destabilize the Bulgarian one. It is besides what occurred in the first set. Well in legs, volunteer with wish, Anne-GaŽlle Sidot took the advantage in the fourth play, by taking the service of his adversary. Decisive advantage which enabled him to loop this initial sleeve on the score of 6-3. The sleeve of too Anne-GaŽlle Sidot gave the impression then to evolve/move on a cloud. But Magdalena Maleeva did not let itself dismount. And remade suddenly surface. Against any waiting, it took even the service of the Frenchwoman, from the very start of the second handle, to carry out 3-0. Anne-GaŽlle Sidot, not impressed yet by this light-back, found energy sufficient to equalize with 3-3. At this time of the part, the two players were so close one to the other that there was hardly but the tie break to decide between them. This small play if testing for the nerves, Magdalena Maleeva was most solid and removed the piece to equalize with a sleeve everywhere. Anne-GaŽlle Sidot had just let pass her chance. **time-out** because the third set be for it the sleeve of too " I have the leg heavy, I have be useful a little less better ", be it recognize after the match. On the court, it gave especially the feeling to release taken mentally. The nerves with flower of skin, it even adopted, sometimes, certain " limiting " attitudes very, exactly like the day before against Sandrine Testud, when the referee of chair inflicted a warning to him. Abruptly unable to take up the challenge imposed by Magdalena Maleeva, it lost foot. A conceded station-wagon, then two, then three: the score evolved/moved in one nothing time from 4-0 to 6-1. And here as one passes, in some blows of racket, of the statute of guest surprised with that of large gaining tournament. Maleeva Cap!

. - Finale: Magdalena Maleeva (nį22 WTA) beats Anne-GaŽlle Sidot (nį35 WTA), 3-6, 7-6, 6-1.