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Manuela Maleeva becomes the youngest Republican Champion

Manuela Maleeva was only 13 years old. She was playing vs a very tough Hungarian, when her leg cramped. Manuela could retire, but she choose to continue, despite she lost afterwards. Now we can say, she has the thinking of a professional tennis player. Something more. During the dinner, the organizers gave a party. Manuela looked at her watch and exclaimed "Oh, my God, it is 8:15 and I am not in bed. If my mom sees me from somewhere ..."

And the question is - is it only the talent and the physical condiotion she has, or is it as well the successive working out. This is the key to the success of the two sisters (later - the three). That's why are they so popular.

In the women's event, Manuela Maleeva, despite being 14 years of age (she had a birthday two days ago), she is now a dveloped tennis player now - quick, rational, has a will and knows what to do in the tough rallies. In the final she was top form and in spite of the good play of her opponent Kondova, Manuela won 4-6 6-1 6-4

A real spectacle - Only the professional sportsperson can overpass the pressure, when facing the chance of losing an important final and to show their whole capacity. This is what the two finalist in the National Women Championship did - Manuela Maleeva and M. Kondova. Their match was a real spectacle, which could have met everybody's expectations. Aggressive back-line play, attacking and contraattacking, volleys - to make the long story short - all shots were used. Advantage had M. Maleeva, who won the title, but compliments deserve her opponent as well.

... a smooth technique and a good movement on the court, unpropriate for her age maturity and a strong will for a victory, a feature she has inherited from her mother ... I've asked Julia whether she had found the talent in her daughter, but she interrupted me:

"Everything is a result of hard working . It is true that Manuela is athletic, clever and successive, but for us even the holidays begin with a training"

After winning three titles (singles, doubles and mixed doubles), Manuela's mother suggested a day off, but Manuela was already on her way to the court.

*L. Semerdgieva - "Naroden Sport"