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Great Manuela Maleeva

The new system will add a new tournament in our tennis calendar. The interest in the club will be no more in conflict with the one of the players. And it will be no more like this - the mixed doubles to be decisive for the men's champion. Virtually, the excellent play of the Maleeva sisters in the mixed doubles made CSKA a men Champion. And the title was more appropriate for the Haskovo Club with the Pampulov brothers and L. Petrov.

We saw a world class tennis, having in mind Manuela Maleeva to an amateur level of play. It was quite a stupidity that Manuela and Adriana Velcheva (the two finlist - n.a) were sent to play their final match in a small court, and we were to observe the top level of the Bulgarian tennis through wire-netting. It was true that the women's final was not that close as the men's one, but at least they could have been scheduled one after another.

But... Manuela Maleeva won 12 straight games and showed us what enormous advantage she has compared to the rest of the Bulgarian Tennis players - both men and women, in theory and praxis. Her ability to consentrate was quite amazing.

Manuela lost a set in her semifinal match, and this to her younger sister Katerina. I don't think this is due to sister's love. They both know that the true love goes through the sport rivelry and the lack of it leads to zero progress. Katerina Maleeva made us love her for the spirits she embues in her play; still unexpreienced, but quite talented.

Manuela presented us with her perfect play and we should see her developing it. Julia Berberyan - Maleeva, always uncalm and worried, had succeeded in revealing a right way for a progress to our most talented tennis players.

It was a pleasure seeing progress in the play of Adriana Velcheva and Doea Rangelova, and the match between Velcheva and Kondova, was quite a spectacle as well. I think that the development of Dora Zdravkova Rangelova should be supported more actively.

T. Chereshov -" A time for a change" '83

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