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The Maleevas
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Pictures of Katerina Maleeva

On the first pic young Katerina Maleeva playing on grass, second pic is from the last pro-tournament Katerina had won (in Canada), pics 3-5 show Katya with her baby Nia and her husband George (vice-president of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation). These pics are shot at an amateur tournament, where Katya took part. Katerina giving an interview, after winning the tournament.

First pic is from Geoff's website, second is from tournaments website, pic 3-5 are from the magazine "Zhenata dnes", and the last one is from Julia Berberyan's book "Iskam, Vqrvam, Moga" (book available at the "Sofia T" bookstore in Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

Click on the photo if you want to see it bigger.

Those were the days!!!

All these photos of Katerina were made when she was among the best players of the world. The photo I like the most of Katerina is the last one. Some of the photos are taken from the Julia Berberyan's book, the other I don't remember any more.


Did you know? Katerina Maleeva is the only Bulgarian to beat Stefi Graf, and indeed twice. Once in the qualifying for a small event in Italy ($10 000) back in 1984, and the second one again in 1984, at Us Open Juniors en route to the title (the semifinal match K.Maleeva - S. Graf)